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AudioScam rock Australia on January 13, 2012

Audioscam live in Australia

The Audioscam Diary


Friday, January 13, 2012

Audioscam Diary

It’s been about five years since we last played at The Smithfield Tavern...the old pub has been torn down and replaced with a new one that didn’t cater for live music until a few months ago.

This is Brad’s first gig back since injuring his back in October. We did our usual load in and sound check and it was like the Tavern vibes were as good as before.

The first set was a little laid back..some Jack Johnson (Sittin’Waitin’ Wishin’),

Stevie Ray Vaughan (Cold Shot), Bernard Fanning ( Song Bird and Wish You Well) and from our new CD, Brad sang "Closing in on Midnight". A little polite applause, the crowd checking us out ,and, vice versa.

Second set, lets go. Time to crank it up a little. Started with Black Crows (Hard to Handle)...which packed the dance floor, thank you very much !! Smashmouth (Walkin’ on the Sun), "Jumpin' Jack Flash" from The Rolling Stones...(our publicist in America was the business partner of Jimmy Miller who produced that song for Mick and the boys back in the 1960s), Fun Lovin’Criminals (Scooby Snax) and from our Abbattack CD (Rock Me) . The ABBA cover is ALWAYS a crowd pleaser !!

By the time we got to our third set, we know what they want and they know what we do. From the new CD, the title track, When The Money’s Gone into some Blink 182 (All the Small Things), AC/DC’s Long Way to the Top , then the danciest song ever written, The Romantics (What I Like About You). It’s Rock & Roll to the end of the set.

First encore, also from the new CD, "That Other Guy" !! I hate those other guys !! They always stole my girl friends !!!

Second encore. Ross starts "Road House Blues" with the slowest, meanest, dirtiest, grunty guitar. Two hundred people jumping, screaming, sort of dancing…I love it. Then it’s over, and the ugly lights come on. ( in the house lights we can all see how sweaty and “not good looking” we all are)

Hope the next gigs as good !!!!



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