Friday, July 13, 2012

Craig Fenton Reviews Kat Quinn's EXHALE 7-13-12

Artist - Kat Quinn

CD Title:  Exhale

Produced by Peter Calo
 Review by Craig Fenton
    When a producer, guitarist, and songwriter with Peter Calo’s credentials become entrenched in the cultivation of a debut release there is obviously talent that has been unearthed.  Calo’s long time work with the legendary Carly Simon has made his expertise as a musician and producer oftentimes requested. Kat Quinn’s choicest four song CD “Exhale” released in 2012 commands instant respect with the combination of Peter Calo’s ability as a producer and engineer (as well as his guitar playing) and Kat’s exceptionally confident vocal delivery.
     Kat is a refreshing change from the performer that has an ego the size of the national debt and the talent of a Model T car.  Her website displays Kat’s first attempt at a YouTube video and the way she addresses her fans exhibits genuineness. 

       Quinn’s journey to the musical landscape started in Massachusetts and often leads her to New York where her solid combination of singer songwriter, folk, and country style sounds have earned her many offerings for live performances.
Quinn and Calo made a tremendous tactical decision to introduce the public to her attributes with the four song release.  Often a newer artist without the benefit of free-form radio of yesteryear can find it difficult for the consumer to digest ten, twelve, maybe fifteen songs.  The opening track “What Love Feels Like” is an eye opener with a superlative vocal delivery and instrumentation that gently guide the ears toward the finish line.  It sets the ride in motion for a smooth arrival to the finale “So Damn Cute.”
     Kat has a track on the release that puts everything into perspective “Coffee Shop Song.”  You can identify with a performer that gives the aura she is no different than those watching and listening at their favorite local eatery.
All the best,
Craig Fenton

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