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Craig Fenton reviews Buzzy Linhart's ELECTRIC LADY DREAM!  
Buzzy Linhart- Electric Lady Dream 
The Eddie Kramer Sessions 1969

Buzzy Linhart | Electric Lady Dream: The Eddie Kramer Sessions (New York City, 1969)

Electric Lady Dream: The Eddie Kramer Sessions (New York City, 1969)

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Recordings made in 1969 by the legendary singer-songwriter, Buzzy Linhart, engineered by Eddie Kramer and co-produced by Eddie Kramer and Buzzy at Jimi Hendrix's ELECTRIC LADY STUDIO in New York City.
Genre: Rock: 60's Rock
Release Date: 

For the old rocker the release from the vaults of “Electric Lady Dream” pronounces with clear articulation Buzzy Linhart’s inconceivable ability to record such diverse material and tie it together in one uniform package.

Eddie Kramer the legendary engineer and producer (has worked with David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Nice, Rolling Stones, and Traffic to name a few) and Buzzy allowed the other to pontificate their strengths.  Kramer’s a wizard on the audio controls but never tries to usurp Buzzy’s vision.  It’s not about a slick sound that appeals to the masses but rather in this case letting the artist stay on the eclectic side of the road.  Where Eddie earns all the superlatives you can muster is the incredible clarity of each instrument, recording levels that are optimum, and the ability to discern the vocals without being buried in a sea of sound.

The eight tracks are a rock and roll excursion through Buzzy’s world.  The opening number “If you Love Me’ instantly sets the tone for the album’s firepower.

One of the most impressive things I’ve ever heard from Buzzy is the interpretation of folk-rock master Fred Neil’s “The Bag I’m In.”  Paul Kantner of the Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and, KBC Band previously performed a superlative live rendition.  Buzzy in true fashion bucks the trend and does an electric version.  It’s a must listen several times before proceeding to the next number.

Another stand-out is “Talk About A Morning.”  It grabs at you like a cobra wanting confrontation.
If you enjoy any or all of  Captain Beyond, early Steve Miller, Spooky Tooth, Wishbone Ash, and Frank Zappa this is the dream you’ll wish you’ll never wake up from.

Buzzy contributes Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Vibraphone, and Vocals.

Moogy Klingman on piano and organ.  Performed with Randy California, Jimi Hendrix, Lou Reed, and Todd Rundgren.  Passed away Tuesday, November 15, 2011.

Doug Rodrigues on lead guitar and percussion. Session work includes Terry Reid and Santana. 

Douglas Rauch on bass, percussion and lead guitar on “Mother’s Red Light.” Session work includes Santana and Carly Simon.                                                                           

John Siomos on drums. Session work includes Rick Derringer, Peter Frampton, and Todd Rundgren.

All the best,
Craig Fenton


Author: Jefferson Airplane “Take Me To A Circus Tent”
Jefferson Starship “Have You Seen The Stars Tonite”



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1. If You Love Me 3:53 + MP3 $0.99

2. The Bag I'm in 3:50 + MP3 $0.99

3. The Birds 2:47 + MP3 $0.99

4. Talk About a Morning 6:33 + MP3 $0.99

5. Reputation 4:18 + MP3 $0.99

6. Time to Go 4:56 + MP3 $0.99

7. Mother's Red Light 3:54 + MP3 $0.99

8. Everybody's Got /Don't You Know 2:55 + MP3 $0.99


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