Monday, October 12, 2015

Live Concerts - Rat Beach Party, Burton Cummings, Left Banke, Stories with original drummer Brian Madey,


Being a participant of the Rat Beach Party it is hard to be objective,  but our friends in POPGUN, those who performed in Love and Flame (which this writer is 1/7th of,) FOX PASS and LIZZY BORDEN AND THE AXES all performed with a professionalism and excitement that proves the Boston "new wave" of the 70s and early 80s band with their personality and drive are going to be hard for current bands to beat.

Overview and more photos soon.   6:56 pm  Monday, Columbus Day, October 12.


We Rocked Nantasket Beach 10/10/15

From GREG W:
Joe, sorry I had to take off near the end of your set. I was so impressed. You have a very personable stage presence that pulls people in -- I never really saw you perform before so I didn't know what to expect. It was fucking greAT! (quote at 3:18 am on 10-11-15; what do rockers do after  a show?  Go to parties we are invited to?  Hell no, we all run to our Facebook pages!!!)

Hey Greg, it must be all the practice making friends and going up to the podium at the Medford City Council week after week!
From Harry:
Thanks so much for all your support of Rock 
through the years! 


We were invited to volunteer our time for a college fund and it was great doing some hard work for a good cause.
    The old Rathskellar is now the Commonwealth Hotel in Kenmore Square, but for the third year in a row we moved the notorious punk club down to Nantasket Beach and what a trip it was Saturday night. 

________________________________ ______________________________

      Of course, even though I know the area, I got lost going home, and a Visual Radio co-host throwing a party after the show in Hull is on the phone expecting me to pull an all-nighter.

    I don't think so!   

    "There's a beautiful man I want you to meet."

"How about a raincheck!" 

It sounded, you expect us to perform, videotape four bands and then...go to a party????    Honey it's not 1978 anymore!

    She wouldn't take no for an answer...but, thankfully, I was already on the highway...and here it is 2:08 am...and that party over the phone sounded highly inebriated.

    Johnny B on a later call agreed...get the heck out of the seashore...

One things for sure. Summer might be over, it was cold and windy on the pitch black beach, but four bands from the old days rocked the joint!

so much fun! 

Hey Babe, Take A Walk on the Wild Side
   What our pals from "the good old days" were surprised with is that we did mostly Lou Reed covers again, as we did in early September.  They were dancing to Lou, and we did something very different, our special guest star opened the show with the first song, not in the middle of the set, we turned the music inside out and upside down and it was a blast.   There were about ten groups playing on Saturday, ten bands a day/night for four days over Columbus Day holiday, with five bands rocking on the Saturday night.   

A splendid time was had by all!


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