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John Lennon Imagine

Gimme Some Truth

The Making of John Lennon's  IMAGINE album

 A study by Joe Viglione

When one's memories are only of the audio of this set of recordings of the Imagine album by John Lennon, you have to prepare yourself for a new thought process of a dear and important work, a thought process that actually gives for a renewed appreciation for one of the great solo Beatle epics.

The imagery that folds over and embraces the songs that we know so well - John and Yoko all dressed up and in a canoe while "Crippled Inside" is playing - imprints new impressions over the reminders of John's voice and the eclectic playing of the musicians, all coming back like a resurrection.  Hearing the instrumentation with a new clarity is the obverse of what you once knew, and it's a delight.

Seeing Phil Spector - and knowing the outcome of the iconic producer's life - is a bit of a reality check, but one has to trade off his dark side for Spector's brilliance.  And that is exemplified by my favorite track on Imagine, "Jealous Guy."

Lennon appreciates Spector and tells him so sincely. 

 While singing "Gimme Some Truth" the nuances of the rock star's vocal patterns, the body language while recording this now familiar music, it's as fascinating as it is important.  

"That's the nasty one" John says to George Harrison playing him "How Do You Sleep."  It's audio revenge porn and Lennon is delighted to play a song about his old pal.  Hearing and watching Lennon go through the creative moments on such an epic piece is masterful of the filmmakers (Produced and directed by Andrew Solt from the original 1971 Imagine movie directed by John and Yoko.)

The digital soundtrack mixed at Abbey Road Studios, London by Peter Cobbin and Allan Rouse.  "Making of Imagine" May 1971 (oh to go back in time!) Ascot, England. Producers - John, Yoko and Phil Spector. 

John Lennon - piano, guitar and vocals

 George Harrison - guitar

Nicky Hopkins - piano

Jim Keltner - drums

Klaus Voormann - bass guitar

Allan White - drums

"Don't confuse the songs with your own life," Lennon says outside the studio. "I mean, they might have relevance to your own life but, a lot of things do."

Seeing John Lennon look so young, hearing the blues in his voice for this pop song/ballad,  and watching so much footage of  this particular rock star in casual moments outside the studio, serious moment at the microphone, just so important for posterity, so important for context, so beautiful to experience.

As the one hour, seven minute and fifty-four second   film concludes, John's angelic voice is singing "Oh My Love" a capella. It is tremendous.  Then it snaps back to the DVD home page to Imagine.




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