Friday, February 01, 2019

Cindy Latin New song! and Video Flyin' Home

Cindy Latin - Flyin' Home
Review By JV

This is such an uplifting song, it grabbed me immediately and had to play it again and again.  Cindy has knocked it out of the park with the exciting opening, superb keyboards and musical sounds that swirl around the background of this excellent production, with Latin's voice hitting notes all over the scale.  A song to put you in a good mood.  The Youtube 
Steve Bennett says "Love this song," while  Dee Baby notes "You killed it."
As Cindy sings the keyboard gives a splashy underscore - and the sounds coming out of her soul, just happy go lucky like you've just fallen' in love. Nice stuff.   Marissa Salazar writes "This is a beautiful music video. You look stunning."  See for yourself with the link above.


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