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August/September 2008 Headlines & Stories

August 31, 2008 Headlines

MBM Exclusive!

“America’s Lost Band”


Kendall Sq Cinema in Cambridge, Sept 14, time is 4pm.
This information came in at a few hours ago today, August 31
Erik Taros and Nancy Foster are planning previews for readers of MBM
Here's a link to Barry & The Remains site for info:
Watch for a review by Nancy L. Foster (Nancy Neon) after the program airs on 9/14/08

MBM Exclusive!
story to follow

Nancy Foster on ABBATTACK
Australian band Audioscam re-work the magic of Abba
ABBATTACK is a great concept-the excellent pop songcraft of Sweden's Benny and Bjorn hammered out by supercharged Australian musicians. Ever since the 60's, Australian musicians have created and delivered their own ballsy amalgam of British Invasion and rootsy American rock 'n' roll-the best of both worlds so to speak. ABBATTACK lays down 10 winning tracks.

"Money Money Money" is positively operatic with explosive drums. "Knowing Me ,Knowing You" highlights a fine lead vocal and impressive multilayered harmonies on the chorus. "Waterloo" has an unusual arrangement with the percussion reworked,perhaps with dance clubs in mind. Read more here:

For a long list of ABBA fan sites click here

This forum seems to have the most traffic

By the way, Mamma Mia, the movie, is now doing what Rocky Horror set the stage for,


for a limited time. Audiences at specially selected theaters will be able to experience the movie musical karaoke style. “Mamma Mia: The Sing-Along Edition” will scroll the lyrics to every musical number on the screen and folks will be invited to sing and dance along. For info on theaters and showtimes, visit

MBM Exclusive Article

Luciano Corelli on underground Opera tapes
"Pirates of the High C's"

Rock & Rollers have been recording concert tapes and finding unreleased demos for decades, but long before taping became in vogue in rock circles fans of operas and symphonic music were documenting concerts the way that Shakespeare's works were being transcribed from the seats in the theater. This is a fascinating article by a longtime writer from the Varulven Magazine staff, Luciano involved in writing our critically acclaimed interview with 40s film star Ilona Massey back in the early 1970s. Welcome back Luciano! Watch for more writings on this topic in the future.

Janis Reed
"The Spirit of '76 is missing in 2008"
story to follow

MBM Editorial by Joe Viglione

For many years Music Business Monthly was available as a free newsletter in the Boston clubs and record shops. We sponsored successful seminars at the Westin Hotel, The Paradise Theater, The Channel Nightclub and more.
Now Music Business Monthly with some of our original writers is back in its sharper, more fluid format -
information posted on MySpace, on Public Access Television and soon on You Tube. My interview with Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad is available in 3 parts on You Tube

As far as content goes, Music Business Monthly has archived thousands of hours of interviews and even more print media. That media will find its way onto the internet at the appropriate time and will be made available through the focus of this lens, Music Business Monthly. We bring the industry to you.

The headlines will change daily, sometimes hourly. When something is a buzz you can find that information here, in many instances, before you read it anywhere else.

Back in February and March of 2006 I edited a local "art" magazine with limited scope and unscrupulous people publishing the project. It was the Music Business Monthly staff that got that paper off the ground as the two principles behind the previous enterprise, Arts Media Mag, went to war with each other.


Even the school-of-hard-knocks episode referenced above will make good reading when you get the full story a few months down the road. So now for the big news:


Nancy Foster, Erik Taros (of E.A.T. Design) & I have a story on
Andy Warhol and other essential artists that was scheduled for another Boston area publication which I was editing. The unscrupulous publisher stole staff members and credits (basically, it was mostly the MBM staff that launched the magazine; the man who put the money up gave all the credit to his son and pulled "editor" from my name)

The original collectors item Andy Warhol/Velvet Underground issue planned for two years ago will be the paper debut of
Music Business Monthly, Vol. 10 #1. January 2009

Dinky Dawson / Crawdaddy Magazine.

Here's his current article about Lou Reed's Rock & Roll Animal Tour:

Kevin Cogill of Arrested

Guns 'n' Roses Blogger Arrested for Posting Unreleased Axl Rose Album
From the Josh Grossberg article: "FBI spokesman Thom Mrozek says agents took 27-year-old Kevin Cogill into custody at his residence in Culver City for uploading the songs to his website, "
Thom Mrozek's site that posted music from the Chinese Democracy album
Remember when Epic/Columbia was freaked that it took 2 years for Sly Stone to release
a new album - those were different times. Grossberg notes that this album has been
in the works for a decade!

Letter from the Washington Post

By pressing for unreasonable royalty fees from Internet broadcasters,
lobbying groups such as SoundExchange, which represent artists and
record companies, are contributing to the demise of the industry they
claim to represent ["Web Radio Giant Nears 'Last Stand'; Pandora, Other
Services Struggle Under High Song Fees," front page Aug. 16].
Jason Hamm

Original Article Washington Post re-published from PC World

Could Net Radio's Extinction Be Close?

Pandora founder says Web radio industry is in deep trouble as royalties paid to music industry are set to increase.

Brennon Slattery, PC World Blogger August 18, 2008

Tell Music Business Monthly what you think:


Boston Groupie News publisher Miss Lyn Cardinal has a tremendous art site up

Our first new collector's item paper issue of Music Business Monthly (last published about 16 years ago) is set to debut in January of 2009.
It features a story on Andy Warhol that Nancy Foster, Erik Taros & I had scheduled for another publication (see Editorial above).

35 paintings were selected for The Guild of Boston Artists' Annual
New England Representational Competition

As art is such an important component of album covers we find this story from on The Guild of Boston Artists' Annual Competition pertinent.

MBM Exclusive!

Real Kids guitarist Billy Borgioli art to go up on eBay

As videographer Bob Boyd mentioned, Peter Dayton
of La Peste has enjoyed a post-punk life
as a gifted artist
it would stand to reason other members of famous Boston underground bands would be gifted with eye, imagination and a steady paintbrush hand. The Cars' David Robinson designed their logo and had a huge impact on their look and general image.

The Real Kids may be best known for "All Kindsa Girls" and "Common At Noon", a very-Modern Lovers' type sound released on Sponge Records in France at the dawn of the New Wave. Billy Borgioli, along with his Varmints project - a rock band featuring Pete Taylor and Classic Ruins' Frank Rowe - has consistently generated a dazzling gallery of artwork that adorns his posh Boston apartment located near the Music Hall/Wang Center, a stunning view from Nancy & Billy's abode
overlooking the city. It is there where Mr. Borgioli pens this remarkable material. On a meeting with the couple on Bill Clinton's birthday, August 19, 2008, Music Business Monthly got to inspect the dozens of framed paintings which cover every inch of the walls of their apartment.

Here is just a taste of these precious works which will be made available to the world via
eBay after September 16, 2008.

Artwork by Real Kids' guitarist BILLY BORGIOLI
going up on eBay on September 16, 2008

This painting, "Altar", by Billy Borgioli will not be going up on auction. "Altar" SOLD at an art gallery showing

Marty Balin Signs Deal with American Royal Arts for his unique artwork

FROM USA Today, July 14, 2008

Memorabilia rocks entepreneur's bottom line

"Last year was our biggest year by far, and this year we're up another 20%" in revenue, says American Royal Arts CEO Jerry Gladstone, an entrepreneur in collectibles who shifted the focus of his 21-year-old firm a few years ago from animated-movie cells to pop. "People can't afford gas and this and that, and we are up 20%."

Meanwhile, Gladstone says he tries to ensure his collectibles are authentic by scoring them directly from stars and others close to them.

He says that he has deals with the estates of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, and in April he cut one with Jefferson Airplane's Marty Balin. Now, he says, he's working on agreements with Tom Petty and Billy Joel.

Veteran NY Songstress releases third full-length disc

MBM Exclusive review by Joe Viglione 8-31-08

Stacie Rose has created a mature and authoritative gem on her third full-length disc augmenting her long-time producer, Robert L. Smith, with co-producer Jeff Allen. There are many stand-out tracks here, "Run Out" has a little nod to Janis Joplin (not in vocal or sound, but in spirit) - very hooky, as is "Mr. & Mrs. Happily Ever After", nice sequencing two as the pair of songs are different but work well together. There's the intriguing "Not Listening", the jazzy and quite moody "December" and "Love Saves" which actually sounds like "Love waves...", a nice little Lady Mondegreen, misheard lyric. You can check out my previous review of Rose's THIS IS MINE CD from 2002 on AllMusic
is a beautiful component to the triology and points out a good direction for this important artist's future.

THIS IS MINE by Stacie Rose
(2002) Produced by Robert L. Smith

SHADOW & SPLENDOR by Stacie Rose
(2005) Produced by Robert L. Smith & Stacie Rose

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An amazing documentary of The Beatles/Barry & The Remains, The Cyrkle, The Ronettes and Bobby Hebb sold at auction for 16K.

Original 1966 Beatles Audio Recording Auction ended 8/30/08

Friday August 22, 2008

At least The Axe had the good sense to import a band or two in from Italy -


Miss Chain & The Broken Heels

Which at least makes for some sort of cultural exchange and is somewhat exotic. Better than hearing a local group that changes its name five times in a year and doesn't have any sense of establishing a trademark.
I'll be editorializing quite a bit on this blog so stay tuned:

August 19, 2008
It is with great sadness that we open the newest issue of MBM Magazine with the loss of a talented and respected musician.

Boston Rock & Roll Legend passes away.
Wayne Wadhams:
Many Contributions to Boston Music and more...
 R.I.P. Wayne Wadhams Nov. 12, 1946 - August 19, 2008
The Echo Of Wayne Wadhams...

A well-known writer sent an e mail after hearing of the passing of author/record producer/Fifth Estate lead singer Wayne Wadhams and said "He made a contribution -- not many people do, you know -- and seemed to have led a most interesting life."Contributing to the greater good, really adding to the arts... Wayne made many such additions to our world of music, from pressing and distributing one of the first compilations of Boston music, the Chef's Salad anthology in 1975 on his own "Cooking Records" from Studio B, to producing the jazz group Full Circle on Columbia Records as well as releasing many classical and rock/pop discs on the label he nurtured... Full story here:

Gary "Pig" Gold's previous Music Business Monthly postings:


Billboard has two headlines on their current e mail message that are worth noting here:

The end is near for a bitter legal dispute between the three surviving members of the Doors now that the California Supreme Court has refused to take up their case.

Keyboardist Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robby Krieger are on the hook for more than $5 million after they were found by lower courts to have improperly invoked the Doors' name and images during a 2003 concert tour. After the high court declined to hear their appeal on Aug. 13, they'll have to pay up to drummer John Densmore, the parents of the deceased lead singer Jim Morrison and the parents of Morrison's deceased wife, Pamela Courson, who died in 1974.

Here's the more disgraceful one:
BMI Posts $901 Million Annual Revenue
August 25, 2008 -

(As some of you know, i have fought BMI's unbelievable shoddy practice of ignoring new bands and artists without hits for years; I have left BMI and will be signing with ASCAP shortly. BMI rakes in BILLIONS but they refuse to even throw a few hundred dollars as ASCAP tends to do if you are getting college or regional airplay. More on this soon)

By Ed Christman, N.Y.

BMI kept alive its 24-year record-breaking revenue and payouts streak by posting $901 million in revenues for the fiscal year ended June 30, a 7.4% increase from what it collected in the prior year.

What's more, BMI will disperse $786 million to songwriters, composers and copyright owners, an 8% increase over the prior year. Both figures represent milestones for the organization. Of that $901 million, $664 million, or 73.7%, came from domestic license income while $238 million, or 26.3%, came from international revenues.

Breaking out BMI domestic revenue, cable and satellite radio and television accounted for $208 million, or 23.1%. Traditional broadcast radio and television accounted for $340 million, or 38%, of revenue. General licensing income (i.e. stores, bars, etc.) generated $97 million, or 11%, of BMI revenue. New media revenues like ringbacks and licensing to social networks garnered $15 million last year.

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