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Remains flick a HIT!


1)Remains film debuts at Kendall Square - 3 song performance by the band,
Question & Answer, Music Business Monthly has exclusive interviews with the band and with
director Michael Stich. Review to follow

2)THE WHO put their "Covers" album on hold

Roger Daltrey told Billboard magazine:
"...there's "no status" on the covers project at the moment because of Burnett's duties on the road with Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. "It's an idea that's ticking away," Daltrey says. "It still probably will happen, but I think the smaller the idea is kept, the better. Small and fluid, maybe just something for our Web site."

Away from the Who, Daltrey feels he has "one more really good (solo) album in me," and he's currently looking for material. "I feel there must be an enormous amount of really talented songwritgers out there who can't sing," he says with a laugh, "so, please, send me your songs."

MBM Exclusive!
BARRY & THE REMAINS FILM made its World Premiere Sept. 14th
“America’s Lost Band”

When Barry And The Remains sang the line "All good things don't have to end"*,I doubt that they would have ever imagined how appropriately that line would apply to the longevity of their friendship and music. The Remains also personify another favorite saying of mine-"No deadlines,just headlines!"When their debut album was released in 1966, I doubt they envisioned that their follow up, MOVIN' ON(Rock-A-Lot Records)would come 36 years later.

Buzzy's Buzzy released to stop pirate copies

Buzzy Linhart's re-release of the Buzzy's Buzzy album is an artistic triumph. Engineer Bill Black lovingly restores the music, editorial revisions on this 2008 "Buzz Art Records" release by both Black and Buzzy Linhart.

Buzzy Linhart, in a phone interview on September 11, 2008 at
4 PM EST said of the pirated editions "When it is NOT ok'd by the artist you might not be getting the best possible copy of the music."

Read Richie Unterberger's review on

Here's the original LP cover. If you see this on CD it is the pirate version.
It is full of scratches and has a terrible transfer. Please buy the original BuzzArtInc. rendition from 2008 - the photo at the top of this posting.

Help the artist and purchase a copy from CD Baby

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Vol. 10, #1 September 2008
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September 9, 2008
ZUNE - do you really care???

Microsoft today unveiled its fall line up of Zunes ($249 for the 120 gigabyte model; $199 for the 16 gigabyte model and $149 for the 8 gig flash model) and a bunch of new features, such as the ability to buy music if you hear a song on the Zune's FM receiver and search wirelessly for new music.

And yes, Microsoft is introducing a Pandora-like algorithm that gives you music recommendations and channels from scanning your music library. The service will create channels for you as well, based on what you listen to and what others similar to you like.

But the thing that intrigued me comes with the Zune free PC software download. It's a program called "Mixview."

The service creates a visual map of artists' influences, similar acts, bands they influence and the libraries of the top listeners of the artists. In other words, this could settle epic battles among friends and spouses, some whom like to lord their music knowledge over others who didn't happen to see the Clash live four times. I plan to consult Mixview as soon as it is available (next week) to see if it agrees with my contention that the Montreal band Arcade Fire has genetic links to David Bowie and to Prefab Sprout, an indie band from the 1980s.

From Billboard / RETAILING
HMV Sales On The Rise

HMV Group announced 1.3% growth in total sales for the 18 weeks ending Aug. 30, in the first trading update of its current financial year.

"In what is a tough consumer environment, the solid start made by the Group to the new financial year means that our plans are in line with the board's expectations," said CEO Simon Fox in a statement issued to coincide with the Group’s Annual General Meeting In London today.

From Billboard
Amazon unleashes new music site

By Antony Bruno, Denver has quietly unveiled a Wikipedia-like music information site called SoundUnwound. The adjunct to its online commerce system allows fans to edit band profiles, album and song information and other music related news and updates.


‘Just a closer walk’ with Preacher Jack

By Joe Viglione / Fri Sep 05, 2008, 12:14 PM EDT

For those who love the unique piano sound heard on the soundtrack to the Tom Cruise/Sydney Pollack movie “The Firm,” the hard-working piano man from Malden offers that style of ivory tickling and so much more.

“Preacher Jack” (a.k.a. Jack Coughlin), commands the stage like an evangelist explaining his “religion” of rock and blues with a raw, distinctive voice that cuts through better than Jimmy Swaggart or Jerry Falwell could ever hope to — probably because when The Preacher dives in to “Just A Closer Walk With Thee,” resplendent in Gospel overtones and backing vocalists, you believe him — and understand he believes in what he’S singing and playing.

The Malden Observer caught a performance by Jack on May 8, 2008 at Club Bohemia, the downstairs of the Cantab Lounge in Central Square, Cambridge. Photos and more text at this link:

Harriet Schock "Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady"
on Rich
Press release from Harriet Shock

from Harriet:
"I just got an email from someone I hadn't heard from in over 30 years.
Rich Robbins. He is a D.J. and music programmer who programmed major top forty
stations in the seventies. He has created an Internet Oldies station called and it is wildly popular. He just emailed me that he found
my first album, "Hollywood Town" and that he's playing my version of "Ain't
No Way To Treat A Lady" from it on his station. You might get a kick out of
hearing it, if you've only heard the Helen Reddy version or my more recent
"Lady Suite."

Here's how you hear his station:

Rich explains:
"log onto ... click ENTER
then, on the "t-bird" page, click Listen Live Broadband
and the stream should come up in your speakers ..
MBM Exclusive!
Platinum songwriter Harriet Schock recording virtual album!

For fans of the woman who penned the love theme to Berry Gordy's Last Dragon along with the "Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady", the Top Ten hit for Helen Reddy
which also hit #1, Adult Contemporary in August of 1975, the news of a new album being recorded in Nashville and Los Angeles is welcome news indeed. Basic tracks have been recorded with Nashville musicians and produced in Tennessee while Schock records her vocals in L.A. Give a listen to "When You Were Mine", part of these sessions, presently playing on Harriet's MySpace:

Want a little evidence that the entire "Modern Rock" thing that pushed out hard rock was contrived by a music industry intent on destroying itself? Check out this article
on Harold Wells by David Thorpe in The Boston Phoenix
Nirvana - more corporate rock than anyone wants to believe?
The music industry’s best-kept secret speaks out
So do bands pick pre-written names from a list you've made, or do you meet the band and work out a name?Depends on what I get hired for, or what the label wants to pay. If they’re really pushing some new act, they’ll fly me in to meet it, or if they’re feeling cheap, they just send a CD and I send them a list of choices. Nirvana picked their name from a list, but in hindsight I wish I’d named them in person. I meant that name for a much mellower act. I would have called them Garbage. I used that name for another group later on, but whenever I hear a Nirvana song, I think, “Should be Garbage.”

The entire "Modern Rock" thing is jive;
it had little in common with the "New Wave" except that The Sex Pistols, mentioned in the above article, opened the floodgates to..."The New Wave... MBM Editorial to follow...
from The Boston Phoenix...

The Apple invitation is being analyzed and deciphered -- a fuchsia-colored man jumping with white iPod headphones. One point to anyone who guessed it would be music-related.

Most likely, the Cupertino, Calif., company will unveil a refreshed line of iPods at the Sept. 9 gathering. Maybe a few bands or musicians will perform, since the event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts theater in San Francisco. Some speculate Apple could announce that the Beatles catalog will join iTunes.

One thing the announcement apparently won't be about: a digital music subscription service. Music-industry sources say such a service, which Apple has been discussing for a while, isn't going anywhere at the moment.

Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture
The Good Coffeehouse Music Parlor
Artists who have performed at the Good Coffeehouse Music Parlor include Bob Brozman, Crooked Jades, John Cohen, Reverend Gary Davis, Mike Dowling, Ari Eisinger, Mary Flower, Paul Geremia, Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen, Alice Gerrard, David Grier, Corey Harris, John Hasbrouck, Ernie Hawkins, Ginny Hawker & Tracy Schwarz, Walter Hensley, Nick Katzman, Walt Koken, Alan Jabbour, Steve James, David Laibman, Brad Leftwich, Dale Miller, Clare Milliner, Bruce Molsky, The Orpheus Supertones, Tom Paley, Ken Perlman, James Reams & The Barnstormers, Del Rey, Tom Sauber, Bill Staines, Rafe Stefanini, The Sullivan Family, Pat Wictor, among many others.
For more information:

The Wire quotes MBM Editor/Publisher Joe Viglione in article
Jay Geils; Meredith D'Ambrosio
Written by Alan Chase
Thursday, 21 August 2008

“Some of the first music I heard as a kid in the late ’40’s … was by Benny Goodman,” Geils told the All Music Guide’s Joe Viglione.

Geils formed the J. Geils Blues Band, a group he described to Viglione as “this kinda little acoustic folk blues group.” The group evolved into the J. Geils Band with vocalist Peter Wolf and moved into rock ’n’ roll history.


60s legends and session men as prolific as ever

MBM Exclusive, story to follow

Boston area band backing their new Saudades de Rock
How does a major band get radio traction in this new frontier of rock without major labels?

Gary Cherone and Extreme have had an amazing journey that is worthy of study. From their early days as The Dream and CBS TV creating a band/TV show entitled DREAMS that got the group to sell their name and re-emerge as Extreme, to the signing with
A & M, the hit "More Than Words", performing with Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi at the Freddie Mercury tribute, joining
Van Halen to, curiously, naming his side project "Tribe Of Judah" instead of just blitzing the world as "Cherone".

Extreme can set a good example to pave the way for the rock of the future by selling a few million of these. We'll keep tabs on the progress of Saudades de Rock.

PUBLIC ACCESS TV HOST in Marlborough, Mass. banned from the airwaves:

By Megan Woolhouse, Boston Globe

MARLBOROUGH - Professional wrestler Chris "The Skunk" Antal routinely scorns public officials' decisions, derides snooty suburbanites, and offends entire countries on his cable access program. He once desecrated the flag of Brazil.

But Mayor Nancy Stevens recently delivered a body blow of her own. She and members of the Marlborough Cable Trust recently voted Pro Wrestling Monthly off the air. The reason: Antal lost video camera equipment he borrowed from the station.

Sell A

Squidly Diddly is a Boston band that evolved from the ashes of Slow Children and Boys Say Go.
The dudes in Slow Children are honorable members of the Varulven Catalog.
Check out

Google to unveil web browser to compete with Mozilla & Internet Explorer
How will this affect musicians and music media?

Google Chrome is designed to make it easier and faster to browse the Web, by offering enhanced address-bar features and other elements that are very different from those on other browsers. The product will be open-sourced, meaning others can modify the code, according to the report.

Google has been working on the product for about two years, but work became more serious when Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 7, the Journal said.


Mozilla pushes out second Firefox 3.1 alpha

Mozilla has released the second alpha of Firefox 3.1 a week after Google unveiled its shiny new browser, Chrome.

The latest advance version of the Mozilla Foundation’s upcoming browser is codenamed “Shiretoko”, and is intended for trailblazing software developers and testers only.

Classic CD Review -

Carole King's PEARLS

Janis Joplin released "Pearl" and Carole King followed 10 years later with PEARLS. Both discs are true pearls and fantastic albums. I found this review I wrote for on Google's site - full review on this link:

Pearls: Songs of Goffin and King is the set the artist's longtime fans craved when Tapestry made her more than a household name. On her Writer album, pre-Tapestry, she gave listeners "Up on the Roof"; with Music, the Tapestry follow-up, listeners got "Some Kind of Wonderful"; and on her pre-solo work with the City, the Lou Adler-produced Now That Everything's Been Said, there were three familiar tunes that are re-recorded for Pearls, those being the Blood, Sweat & Tears hit "That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho)," "I Wasn't Born to Follow," which the Byrds covered, and "Snow Queen," which Blood, Sweat & Tears, the Tokens, and the Association all recorded. Both songwriters, Goffin with his excellent It Ain't Exactly Entertainment, and King with just about every album she made between Tapestry and Pearls, refused to capitalize on their earlier efforts. They, and their fans, are not the better for it. From 1962's "It Might as Well Rain Until September," King's first hit, to the Monkees' "Pleasant Valley Sunday," hearing a superstar sing her original songs that fans know and love is something very important. Her version of "Oh No, Not My Baby" is right up there with the classics by Rod Stewart and Maxine Brown, and at the risk of being redundant, it must be said again: this album deserves its place right next to Tapestry. [JVC Victor's 2007 CD reissue included one bonus track.] ~ Joe Viglione,